Dr Bugs Kids

So you have gotten your School Holiday packs and are now excited to start growing your own popping corn plant!

 We have outline detailed instructions below to help you grow your own popcorn plant!



- A handful of popping corn kernels

- The two compostable cups and your "Popcorn Growing Here" signs

- A couple of paper towels


Step 1.

Grab a few popping corn kernels. You can grab as many as you want to plant but it's good to grab a couple of spares so at least four is fine. Place them on the paper towels and fold it a few times so that the kernels are nice and snug inside the folded paper towel. 


Step 2.

Wet the paper towel and place on a plate. Store in a warm place.

Now you simply need to wait until you see the kernels start to sprout.


 Step 3.

Since you have your little sprouts, you need to plant them! 

Fill your cups with soil (regular soil is fine) and plant your sprouts about two to three centimetres deep. Put some holes in the bottom to allow for drainage and place in a warm spot where the sun can shine on it.


Step 4.

Make sure your popcorn plant gets water at least once a week. Just enough so you can see the water soak into the soil but be careful not to drown it!


Step 5. 

In about two weeks you should see your popcorn plant sprout up out of the ground! Yay! As they grow you may need to move it to a bigger pot or to a glasshouse. You don't need to take it out of the paper cup. It's compostable! Just make sure the bottom of the cup has plenty of rips in it so the roots can grow!


Step 6. 


On Tuesday the 31st of August, send us a photo of your own popcorn plant along with something to measure it by (like a measuring tape). Send your photos to contact@drbugs.co.nz and be in to win. We look forward to finding the tallest popcorn plant in New Zealand!


Below is a helpful video guide: