Fundraising for Non-profits

Whether you are a fire brigade or a netball team, our products are proven to effectively help achieve your fundraising goals.

We suggest choosing one of our strategies below:

(1) Use our pre-order forms and obtain as many orders as possible. You can then use the forms to make an order with us for the product needed to fulfill your orders. This method avoids over-ordering and guarantees maximum efficiency in your fundraising

(2) Order a set amount of our product and then sell them at an event using our recommended price list for fundraising. You are bound to make a considerable number of sales.

The benefits of both these methods is that you avoid the need to hire expensive and messy equipment, and are able to make excellent margins on our products for your fundraising cause.

We would love to get in touch and give our product lists with our discount prices for non-profits and personally discuss how we can help your fundraiser. Get in touch today by email .