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Dr Bugs Sweet and Salty Bumper Box

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Tailored for Sweet and Salty Popcorn fans! 

Each box contains: 3 x Dr Bugs Sweet and Salty Popcorn 130g and 1 each of Dr Bugs Gourmet Popcorn Treats 120g (Berry Sorbet, Choc Mint and Coconut Ice).



There's definitely two sides to Ol' Mate. If you know him on dry land, then the only word you'll use to describe this old sailor is "sweet". He is the friendliest, kindliest and most jolly chap you'll ever meet having a picnic fish and chips on the beach. He may sometimes call you a "landlubber", but only as a gentle jest.

However, if you ever end up setting sail with Ol' Mate on the high seas, then you know that he is easily as salty as the furious waves that batter his trusty, barnacle-encrusted ship. To be fair, you kind of need to have a side that's tough and rough if you are going to stare down the squalls and swells of the great deep.

Some say that it's his salty side that makes him all the more sweet, others might say the opposite.

Whatever you think, we hope you enjoy his Sweet and Salty Bumper Box!


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