Our Gourmet Popcorn Treats are an indulgent adult morsel.  We’ve reimagined classic kiwi recipes into gluten free, moreish popcorn delicacies. 

The mint chocolate flavour was inspired by our auntie’s old peppermint slice recipe.  You’ll taste notes of peppermint, a dark choc drizzle, and a generous dollop of family get-togethers.

The coconut ice flavour was inspired by the sweet treats we enjoyed at school fairs as children.  You’ll taste notes of coconut, hints of raspberry, the smooth white choc coating, and a generous dollop of white elephants and candyfloss.

The berry sorbet flavour was inspired by the fun of sneakily mixing sherbet as kids while our parents weren’t watching. You’ll taste notes of boysenberry, a smooth white choc drizzle and a generous hint of secret snacking joy.

You'll want to hide these ones from the kids -- it's strictly an adult only treat.  If you can keep it safe, it's perfect for snacking on in the evenings.  Pairs nicely with Monopoly and Tequila.


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